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Our Founders

Mrs. Velma Stokley Flournoy & Mr. Jimmie Royster


Velma Stokley Flournoy and Jimmie Royster started the Miss Black Sacramento Scholarship Pageant in 1970. When it began, it was the only pageant opportunity in the Sacramento area for Black women. They said that they had a desire to give any girl the opportunity to enter a pageant -- they wanted to teach girls to have poise and confidence and to encourage them in school.

Since then, over 600 women in Sacramento's Black community have participated in the legacy that is “Miss Black Sacramento.” Among them are teachers, businesswomen, entertainers, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and any other outstanding community leaders. “It’s a lot of work,” Flournoy said. “I think Martin Luther King left a message for all of us to get busy and for all of us to be treated the same. I think I took a part.” Flournoy believed, in many ways, King's dream is coming true. Prior to her passing in May of 2012, she said her work was far from finished. “We still have a long way to go, even as far as we have come.”